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Since the 1920’s oil has been pushing coal into second place and the railroads have played an important part is this changeover.  Home heating oil, gasoline, drums of oil and grease, were distributed to local dealers.  This model is perfect for use on steam or diesel era layouts and its prototype is equally at home in a large city or a small country town.  This bulk oil depot is condensed to conserve layout space, but is designed to allow the builder to add more or larger tanks to suit his need or space.

      This model is assembled on a 6” x 26” piece of 1/8” thick hardboard or Masonite to make it easier to move to its location on your layout.  This hardboard is not furnished due to its large size.

      Windows and doors are castings.  Logos and various signs are furnished.   The instructions contain a section explaining building realistic looking chain link fencing.  LVM 8T -  MACK FUEL OIL TRUCK is a good companion piece to this depot.  Footprint is 6” x 26”.  Heigth is 6 ¾”.

LVM28 Bulk Oil Depot 'S' Gauge

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